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The Seed of Udbhav Vriksh

"When seeds want to rise they drop everything that is weighing them down."

Krishi Kaari is a child of all weights which keeps it away from blooming. Over discussions, aspirations and brainstorming, the seed of patience and experience stands as what we call 'Krishi Kaari.' 

Krishi, a sanskrit word meaning Agriculture and Kaari, a craftsman countable noun who makes things skilfully with his hands. Our farmers are those Kaarigars who sow seeds of goodness. 


Hailing from an agriculture dominant state and working with the hospitality industry for a graceful decade, we understood the benefits of farm fresh. Being in the tourist hub of India, easy availability with freshness and a conscious concern of pesticide free vegetables, helped us to introduce Exotic vegetables to all households, making it easily accessible to their doorsteps. Our bags on their delivery give us a sense of being accomplished as a happy customer is born. 


Our vision says, "You reep as you sow" and we are honestly striving towards the same.

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